7-year-old girl shoots her first deer, public rallies behind father for his excellent instruction

December 17, 2020

The Klapper family from North Texas has proudly encouraged the next generation to follow in their hunting footsteps. Mom and Dad’s Facebook pages frequently feature images of their young children hunting with them for deer and turkey. This season 7-year-old Lilly took her first deer and the internet went wild.

With more than 2.3 million views in less than 3 days, the public response to his daughter’s video has left Cody stunned. The avid hunter and excellent father was concerned that some people may not appreciate their traditions and wrote ” I respect and understand that this video may not be for everyone, if you think that you might be offended by this video that has my daughter shooting a deer with a modern hunting rifle please keep scrolling.”

Fortunately for him it seems everyone is just as excited for Lilly as he is. The determined little girl patiently waits for her shot showing respect for her weapon and the animal throughout the video, and the public noticed.

The post was filled with positive user comments like “Parenting done right ???? congratulations on your first deer Ms.Lilly,” and “Great job Lilly! Great job Dad! Her focus, concentration, patience, and attention to detail is admirable!”

Viewers didn’t fail to notice the overwhelming number of positive comments either. One viewer wrote “Know what the best part is….no one on here is complaining about her age and gun!!! Kickass great shot!!”