Colt Walker 1847: Classic Handgun Of The Old West Returns To Market

February 08, 2021

Cimarron Firearms has brought back another iconic weapon from the Old West, the 1847 Colt Walker.

This iconic weapon was one of the largest and most powerful handguns of the mid-19th Century. Chambered in .44 black powder, the 1847 Texas Ranger Walker by Cimarron is a faithful reproduction of the Colt Walker.

History Of The Colt Walker

The original single-action pistol was designed by Samuel Colt and Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker of the Texas Rangers. Walker reached out to the legendary firearm’s inventor for help building a more powerful weapon for close-range combat. Sadly, Walker was killed int he Battle of Huamantla during the Mexican-American War the same year his ideal handgun was invented.

Just 1,100 units were ever made, 1,000 for the United States military and 100 for the civilian market. In 2008, an original Colt Walker used in the Mexican-American War was sold for $920,000.

The original Colt Walker held a 60 grain powder charge in each chamber. This was double the powder compared to competing revolvers of the period. It weighed 4.5 lbs unloaded and fired a .44 caliber ball from a hefty 9″ barrel.

Cimarron’s Colt Walker Replica

“The 1847 Walker was specifically designed to meet the hostilities of war and it put Samual Colt on the map as a gun maker,” Cimarron VP Jamie Wayt said in a press release. “The Texas Walker replica is meticulously produced. The attention to detail and craftsmanship make this replica a very special collector’s item.”


  • Caliber: .44 black powder
  • Barrel: 9″ Steel
  • MSRP: $668.