Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500, Full 512 HP Black Beast !

Manhart Land Rover Defender DP 500, Full 512 HP Black Beast !

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With the Defender DP 500, MANHART Performance show that the new rough terrain driver from Land Rover can be in its prime out and about. The premise is a Defender P400 AWD in the long, five-entryway body variation 110, whose three-liter petroleum motor creates 400 hp and 550 Nm on account of turbocharging.

A lot of force then, at that point, yet Manhart are regardless venturing up the speed now by remapping the Defender's motor control programming. This expands the force of the unit to a momentous 512 hp and 710 Nm, which puts the vehicle comparable to the top model, which is fueled by a five-liter supercharged V8.

With the MANHART hardened steel exhaust framework, which is as yet in arrangement and will be accessible with one or the other carbon or ceramic covered tailpipes, the Defender will likewise have a substantially more unmistakable sound track. Concerning the undercarriage, there is likewise a streamlining of the processing plant air suspension, including bringing down by 30 millimeters.

Outwardly, the DP 500 rolls on another wheel set: MANHART Forged Line edges in 10×24 inch, with a light dark completion and 295/30ZR24 tires. For the individuals who favor a more modest wheel set that is additionally more appropriate for rough terrain use, there is the Concave One in 10.5×22 inch with dark completion and gold trim and 295/40 tires, which is mounted on the back as an extra wheel.

Further visual accents are set from one viewpoint by manly wing flares, which give the Defender impressively more extensive shoulders and – like any remaining outside parts and the motor cover – are painted in body tone, and then again by enriching silver stripes applied to the dark bodywork.

To wrap things up, Manhart refined the inside with a top notch cowhide/Alcantara inside including exclusively selectable accents. Also, there is a bunch of electrically worked MANHART ErgoMed front seats from RECARO for the driver and front traveler, including warming and cooling just as incorporated airbags.