Shooting Asian Carp with a Shotgun [VIDEO]

December 06, 2020

Asian carp are an invasive species that have overtaken many waterways in the Midwest. They first brought to the US to keep private ponds clean, but they did not stay in the private ponds. Rivers flooded and engulfed the ponds and the fish were able to establish themselves.

State wildlife departments have tried almost everything to eradicate them and stop their spread. Most of the efforts have failed, but the departments are still encouraging sportsmen to remove them by any means necessary.

The fish has a very unique habit of jumping out of the water when they hear a boat motor. This has led to some interesting ways of killing the fish. Areal bow hunting has become popular and I have seen videos of guys on water skis attempting to cut the fish in half using swords to name a few.

So seeing a video of someone using the fish as skeet is not surprising and to be honest looks like fun.