Subaru Viziv-7 SUV Revealed At The LA Auto Show !

August 13, 2021

Subaru gave us a misrepresented perspective on what will turn into their new average size SUV through the Viziv-7 Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Some portion of the Japanese vehicle producer's idea series that see their future models, the Viziv-7 is portrayed as a "vehicle created for the pleasure and genuine feelings of serenity".

Outwardly, you would be excused for mixing up it with a reduced hybrid, since Subaru's DYNAMIC x SOLID plan reasoning hides its extents, yet the Viziv-7 is about the size of an Escalade, estimating 204.7 inches (5.2 m) long, 79.9 inches (2 m) in width and 72 inches (1.8 m) in stature. When you dissect its looks, obviously nothing can trouble you once isolated in the driver's seat – in light of the solid extents of the idea.