Breaking an Egg at 300 Yards with a .22 from the Standing Unsupported

January 08, 2021

Hitting a target 300 yards with certain rounds is a slam dunk, a .22 rimfire is not one of those rounds, but if you have the right gun and you are a very competent shooter it is possible. Trick shooting specialist Kristen Joy Weiss shows us how it is done in a video posted to her YouTube Channel, and even though she has the perfect rifle to do the job it still takes her a few shots.

Her set up is not you every day plinker. She is shooting a Lapua Midas+ .22lr monted with a Nightforce 2.5-10×42 scope, and Volquartsen Inferno Adjustable stock. Evne with that set up she can barely see the egg.

What I do like about Kristen is that she shows all of her misses, not just her hits, so you get a really good feel for how difficult the shot actually is.