Lamborghini Urus By Keyvany With 820 HP

November 08, 2021

This Lamborghini Urus, created by a little-known tuning company dubbed Keyvany, might just be the most wildest custom example of the Raging Bull’s SUV built to date.

This is the Lamborghini Urus, or at least it was until it turned into a Decepticon. All jokes aside, this heavily modified Urus is the proud work of Keyvany, a German tuner who apparently knows a thing or two about the Mansory way of vehicle modifications. One look at it and you’ll understand that reference. Keyvany’s tuning program for the Urus is excess personified. It’s loaded with enough carbon fiber parts and pieces to make other tuners blush. The kit also comes with a hefty engine upgrade that should delight the power-starved among us and a massive set of attention-grabbing wheels.