12 gauge revolver. How cool is this?

October 19, 2020

I recently posted a picture to our Facebook page, Gun Junkies, of a 12 ga revolving shotgun. This picture proceeded to go viral instantly, with many people asking where they could get one.

I did some research on the gun and found some interesting facts out about the unique weapon. The designer is TsKIB SOO from Russia. It was designed in 1993 in 12, 20, 28, 32, and 410 ga. The civilian version is not commercially available; only parts are available on request. If you want this gun you would need to find someone that already has one willing to sell it.

According to their website, the gun design feature combines the revolver configuration with the dual-action firing mechanism to ensure reliable functioning and enables double and single-action firing. The gun is available in a short and long barrel. It is chambered for 3″ shells.

While this gun is not available for purchase, a tactical version and a handgun version are available for police and military in Russia. The tactical version features a more modern look with a folding stock. The handgun only fires special 12 ga rubber bullets.